Service Details of Power System Analysis

  • Load Flow Analysis

    •  LF is done using Gauss Seidel Method.Accelerated Gauss Seidel Method. Active & Reactive Power Flows along  with the voltages and corresponding angles are found using load flow.This helps in deriving the final sizing of equipment and tap position of transformers.

  • Fault Analysis

    • Fault Analysis is done using IEEE or IEC Standards. The breaking currents, Making currents are found, which helps in selection of proper rating of circuit breakers and buses. Fault Analysis is must for carrying out Protection Studies.

  • Large Motor Starting Studies

    • These studies help to ensure that system voltage drops during motor starting are within permissible limits and power system network in the vicinity is not affected.

  • Transient Stability

    • The stability studies are done to ensure the mechanical and electrical balance of the system under various transient conditions like faults, Load Cut-off, Large Mototr starts, etc.

  • Protection Co-Ordination

    • Protection Co-ordination studies are performed to achieve proper co-ordination between relays and to ensure proper relay operation considering sensitivity, selectivity and stability of relays.

  • Harmonic Analysis

    • In today's scenario where non-linear loads are increasing, the harmonics play important role in the electrical networks. Proper Analysis and study of harmonics is becoming essential and critical aspect of system anaylsis. We provide services for Power Quality Measurement and related Solution.

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